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This is kind of embarassing
tianaveen Christmas boat
So I have a confession. I did write fan fiction, but I posted it anonymously at  disney_kink. It was also from a few months ago. I think it was during my winter break. NO, it is not porn. Having said that, I probably will never admit to anything else I've posted there unless someone calls me out on it (lol). Ok, whatever, here's the fic:

Fandom: Princess and the Frog
Pairing: None
Characters: Naveen & his brother
Prompt: Sweet brother interactions, fluff, no kink.
Fill: Across an Ocean

Across an Ocean

Naveen swept the beads of sweat off the lines of his forehead with the back of his hand. That was one snappy rendition of 'Sweet and Low Down.' He eyed the ecstatic crowd. The mass of colorful suits and dresses filled Tiana's Palace that night and who else but his visiting family was there to welcome the grand opening of best restaurant in New Orleans. The royal relationals, as Ray would have called them, sat in the table with Eudora, taking in the sights, tastes, and sounds. Tiana was occupied with the chatty guests. Naveen looked around the corner and saw his little brother talking to Miss Charlotte. He eyed them earlier when they danced. He chuckled. "He sure takes after his charming older brother," he said to himself quite literally. He jumped off the stage towards the young boy who walked towards their parents. The boy's face glowed with a beaming smile. As Naveen intersected his path, the little child raised his head to see who stood atop the towering pleated pants.

"How is my favorite rascal doing?" The elder man asked in native tongue.

The tyke's smile disintegrated, his eyes fixed to the floor. Naveen immediately sensed the gloom that befell on his brother's face. What in the world did he do to elicit such a response out of the little boy? Naveen knelt down to look him straight in the eyes. He raised the boy's head by lifting his tiny chin with the side of his forefinger.

"Hey, hey, hey. Why are you so sad to see me?" He asked, puzzled. An eased smile still resided on the man's face, concern growing in his eyes.

The young child stood silent till, without warning, asked "You're not coming back home, are you?"

You're not coming back home.The phrase rang through Naveen's ears, stinging in his chest.

"What are you talking about? I will always come back to Maldonia," he explained.

The small boy pouted. "No! You live here now!" Tears welled up under his eyes.

It dawned on him, right then and there. All those times he partied and traveled away from the castle, who was there to keep the little guy company? Naveen remembered his childhood; the one where servants took the place of his parents. Pushed to the back of his mind were the many times when maids and butlers waited on him hand and foot. The king and queen did not have time to be bothered by the trivial duties of reading a storybook before bed, or teaching a child how to brush his teeth. That is what servants are for, aren't they? Naveen realized that his dear little brother followed in his footsteps more than he imagined. How many times did the small boy say,

"Naveen can you teach me that new dance?" or "Can I come with you to the party?"

And how many times Naveen would answer, "Not tonight, little one" and "You are much too young." Laughing it off, no big deal.

Naveen understood. His eyes were open through the many stories Tiana told about her father. How much James worked so hard yet taught Tiana to be so diligent, teaching her how to cook and how to persevere. Or when Eudora brought Tiana along to all her tailoring jobs, making sure she always had an eye on her no matter what. Times were hard on them, but they stayed so very close. His life of privilege and lack of responsibly came at a price. His brother now stood in a hole that Naveen took part in digging, in an inevitable consequence that that passed itself down the noble line. Why was Naveen so blind to see it before? He was so caught up in filling his hollowness with frivolous pursuits that he convinced himself that everything was fine. His parents cutting him off proved to wedge an even further distance. But then, there was Tiana. He didn't even fathom the many ways Tiana and her dream took the place of his emptiness. But, what about his baby brother's? The little boy knew the difference between someone being absent from time to time and living across an ocean, miles and miles away.

The small brother continued, "Who is going to play snakes and ladders with me, or tag? or-or-or..." Before he could finish his reasoning, the tears in his eyes spilled over. It wasn't just the games he would miss. They both knew that.

The older brother grasped his sibling and enfolded him with his arms. What else could he do?

"Please hear me out," the older man said. "I am deeply sorry that I was not there for you. I cannot change that now..." He stopped only for a moment to see the child stare intently at him. "But I do know that I truly care for you. How about I take a week out of each month to see you. It will be our special time, just you and me. And you can come and visit whenever you like? How does that sound?"

The boy looked to side and shrugged. "I don't know."

"And guess what? I'll teach you all the steps to every dance I have ever come across. And,and, I'll even teach you how to play the ukulele, yes?" He explained with such enthusiasm. The small brother's gaped baby teeth peaked through. In all the six and a half years of his life, he never once heard Naveen promise such things. He rubbed his sniffling nose with the sleeve of his royal coat and gave a slow timid nod.

"Ha ha!" He laughed triumphantly "Attaboy! Alright, peanut, I will start you off with the Peabody," he declared, no longer in their first language.

And off they went to the center of the room, jumping and trotting. By the end of the night, the tiny child exhausted himself, falling asleep in his mother’s arms. Naveen placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder and rendered a gentle smile.

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celebrating our not so secret lives!!!

It's also not a secret that we're totally not sleeping right now.

Is this the fic you were writing? I like it! :D I'm so proud of you! *gives big hugs*

Well I finished this one, but I was working on something else that I had to stop because of school. Thank you, though :-)!!

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